“The central fact of the past fifty years is the vast impoverishment of the spiritual life of Catholics as a result of the liturgical revolution. The tradition of the Church had enriched the life of the faithful with a great wealth of spiritual aids: the intimate devotion of low Mass and the grandeur of high Mass on great feasts, the attendant rites of eucharistic devotion, Benediction, processions of the Blessed Sacrament, the Forty Hours, the devotion to the Sacred Heart with its domestic prayers and its communions on the first Fridays of the month, the stations of the cross, devotion to Our Lady in all its forms, the praying of the rosary, devotion to the saints with the knowledge of their lives and love of their individual characters, and fostering this all the sodalities and confraternities that gathered the devout into a true community. The iconoclasm of the liturgists swept everything away, leaving the ordinary Catholic with virtually no experience of prayer except the weekly parish Mass, reduced to its flattest expression.”

Henry Sire