Bishop Athanasius Schneider explained in a talk in Rome this afternoon why Catholics as the “Church militant” — the souls fighting for Christ here on Earth — must combat the evils of today, including the evil of heresy within the Catholic Church.

“When there is no battle, there is no Christendom. When there is no battle, there is no true Church of God, no true Catholic Church,” said the Auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, at the 2018 Rome Life Forum at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (the Angelicum).

“The Christian duty to fight against the sin, the errors and the temptations of the world, includes also the fight against the errors inside the Church, i.e. the fight against heresy and ambiguity in doctrine,” he added later.

Schneider said that sanctity, prayer, and reason are the weapons Catholics can best use to fulfill their duty to fight evil, and they should turn to their most powerful ally in this fight, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“Our weapons are the weapons of justice, and these are the weapons in first place of prayer and of a saintly life, the weapons of the spiritual help of the Holy Angels, the weapons of the sacred science, of the sacred apologetics, the weapons of righteous and honest individual and collective protests against the de-christianisation and moral degradation of the society.”

When the Church is persecuted, She only becomes stronger, Bishop Schneider explained. Despite how dark things may seem on earth, the Church militant is the winning team because Christ is already victorious. Just as a marriage can never be dissolved, the Church can never be destroyed, he added.

“As soldiers of Christ every Catholic should be always conscious of the fact that he belongs to the army of the winners, because ‘Christus vincit,'” he said.